2016 / 16 March



It seems that people can’t stop judging a book by its cover. They don’t understand that the outward appearance is but a part of practicing religion. Nevertheless it is the most easy part. How many people look religious (meaning in their words: those who wear Arabic or Pakistani clothing, have long beards or khimars) have hard hearts, a negative attitude, gossiping tongues … they use their eyes to spy, their minds to create chaos in other peoples lives …

I don’t mean everybody amongst them, nor the majority of these people. But the way that they are looked at and judged over by the man on the street is misleading. God describes people that used to dress as good muslims in the time of Muhammad (s) and who used to speak in the name of religion as follows: “And when you see them, their outward appearance pleases you, and when they speak you listen attentively to them.” (Koran/Ch. Munafiqun)

Great Imam al Ghazali (died: 1111 CH)  mentions the following in his book: Revival of the Islamic sciences:

… (2/1) And don’t let the garment that has been raised (above the ankles) mislead you

(1/2) Nor his forehead that shows traces of prostration

(2/2) Show him a Dirham (money) and you will get to know his stupidity or scrupules

Money is the temptation of this community as has been stated by Muhammad (s)

Sulayman Van Ael

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