2016 / 10 March

Resumé of Barçelona

The conclusion of my participation at the Ramon Llull University about Security narratives:


(1) Security is not a right but a mutual duty.

(2) We all want security because we want a good future for ourselves and our childern

(3) We don’t need debaters we need changers, people are in need of deeds, not words

The problems within the muslim community:

(a) Not admitting that we have a problem

(b) Imported imams that have a lack of knowledge about the culture, law and values and challenges of the country they were imported to

(c) Lack of a counsel of scholars that represents the muslim majority in Europe

(d) Importing fatwa’s that do not represent the opinion of the majority of muslims, affecting those who embrace Islam and those who want to practice Islam

The global problem:

(a) Lack of knowledge about real Islam

(b) Allowing themselves to be dictated what to think and not allowing themselves to get to know the other side of the story

A part of the solution:

(a) An educational program for children (like my 9 year program: the pearls)

(b) Educational program for adults: (like my 1,5 program for formation of local Imams)

(c) Writing of books and explaining the Koran, in this way we will prevent insane people and corrupt scholars to interpret it for the youth and mislead them and make them violent non integrated citizens

Sulayman Van Ael

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